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Elemental Controls has supplied Portable XRF Analyzers throughout Canada for over 25 years – something we are extremely proud of.

This accomplishment is a result of our dedication to ensuring our customers maximize their investment to the fullest.

Our focus is to ensure that you – our customers have all the tools to drive your success. It starts with competitive products and pricing – and since these products will be used for up to 10-12 years, local training, phone support, local service repair and system re-calibration will ensure you have high return on investment over your analyzer’s life-span. 

Our mission is based around Superior Knowledge, Products, Customer Service and Relationships with our Customers.


Decades of Experience

Elemental Controls offers over twenty five years of experience to our customer. We believe our continued success lies in the dedication and caring of our professional, technically trained employees as we form problem-solving partnerships with our customers.

Our technical sales team is available throughout Canada for on-site and remote consultation, demonstrations and training to answer all your analytical questions.

Our first employee, 25 years ago,  was a technical service engineer, which illustrates our focus on customer support. Even today, we remain the only XRF supplier with capabilities to re-calibrate these devices within Canada.


Dedicated Technical Staff


 We have the most competent and knowledgeable sales team, providing industry leading products, fully supported by on-site installation training, and the highest level of local repair & re-calibration services – all within Canada. Our company was started with a focus on customer support  – a dedication that remains to this day.


What are the licensing requirements for an XRF Analyzer?

X-RAY Tube Based: Any person or company employee intending to operate these devices in Canada MUST be certified by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) as an XRF Operator – Level 1 or Level 2. The Company must also comply with provincial or territorial registration requirements if applicable

Alternatively, Niton XRF analyzers containing X-Ray tubes can be configured as benchtop models, when used with an approved test stand, and thus NRCan XRF Operator Certification is not required.

Isotope Based: Any Company intending to have their employees operate an XRF analyzer utilizing a radioactive isotope MUST be licensed to possess the isotope by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC).

Can I rent an analyzer?

Elemental Controls can provide rentals and service loaners depending on the application and their availability.

For rentals, please contact our Sales Team or visit our Rental/Lease section.

For service loaners, please contact our Service & Support Team or Request A Service Loaner Online

Where do I ship my instrument for servicing?

All service, calibration, and repairs are performed out of our Mississauga facilities.

Prior to shipping your instrument to us, please ensure that you contact our Service Department for a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) form. This form is required for all services we perform.

Please ensure you provide us a copy of your valid CNSC license and leak test for isotope based units.

Once you have obtained an RMA, you can proceed to ship your instrument to:

Attention: Service Department
Elemental Controls
3230 Wharton Way
Mississauga, ON L4X 2C1

How often do I need to leak test my instrument?

Isotope Based XRF Analyzers

Canadian regulations require that all isotope based XRF analyzers have a leak test performed once every 12 months. If the instrument is kept in storage for more than 12 months, the instrument must be leak tested as soon as it is taken out of storage, before it is put into use.

If the instrument is involved in an accident where the instrument’s housings are severely damaged, a leak test should be performed preventatively to ensure that the source holder has not been compromised.

X-RAY Tube Based XRF Analyzers

X-Ray tube based analyzers do NOT require leak testing.

How do I order supplies for my Analyzer?

Elemental Controls can provide consumables and field replaceable parts for your analyzer. Contact our Service & Support Team by phone at (866) 544-9974 ext 2 for Service, by email at support@elementalcontrols.com or you can Request Parts Online

What are the shipping requirements for shipping portable XRF Analyzers in Canada?

Shipping An Isotope Based XRF Within Canada

Any person or company who is shipping a Niton XRF analyzer containing a radioactive isotope must first ensure the follow criteria have been met:

A leak test certificate dated no more than 12 months prior, must be placed in an envelope and attached to the outside of the analyzer’s box or package.

The package must have two UN-2911 designation labels placed on two opposing sides. The UN-2911 labels MUST have a red (dashed) border.

The Consigning person or company MUST have a valid CNSC license permitting the possession of the sealed source.

It is highly recommended that your isotope based analyzer be returned in its original shipping case.   

Shipping an X-RAY Tube XRF Analyzer Within Canada

Any person or company who is shipping a Niton XRF analyzer containing an X-Ray tube must only ensure that the battery is removed from the instrument prior to shipping. 

Where can I download software or documentation for my analyzer?

Elemental Controls maintains a download section for various software files. Please refer to our Download Section to see if your required file is present. If your file is not there, please contact ECL Service by phone, email or from our Online Help Form and request assistance.

How do I leak test my instrument?

Leak testing is easy, and can be performed by the user. To perform a leak test, you will need the following items:

Cotton swab or Q-Tip
Rubbing Alcohol
Plastic zip-loc bag

Once you have the materials listed above, you can proceed to perform the leak test. Contact our Service Department for a copy of our Leak Testing Guide, which will contain further instructions on how to perform the swab test, and where to send the swab once the leak test is completed.


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