Radcomm Portable Radiation Systems


The family of RadComm Portable Radiation Detection Systems include the Enhanced Search and Find RC2PLUS, the Portable Spectrometer MSpec; the Gamma Spectrometer  Syclone; and the Telescopic Wand RC22/23 Systems.

The RC2PLUS is available in two version – the Total Count Rate Basic and the Advanced ROI Analysis versions, and both store operator selected results in a histogram record for later downloading via USB to Radcomm PC software. Reports can be saved in pdf format, and remote servicing and diagnostics allows for software updates via a network with Radcomm’s software application. The Basic tracks the total count rate by all the gamma energies, while the Advanced can have desired energy ranges applicable to the user’s application. All systems have settable alarm levels.

The MSpec spectrometer will instantly measure any material for the presence of radioactivity, whether it is in general waste, medical waste or scrap metal. The unit scans the material and quickly analysis it to determine if and what nuclide is present.

The Syclone Gamma Spectrometer detects gamma, x-ray and optional neutron radiation and will identify isotopes in a sample, resulting in the Syclone being one of the most accurate portable Gamma-Ray spectrometers when it comes to identifying single or multiple isotopes even with weak gamma emissions.

The RC22/23 Series is designed to allow fast and easy inspection of areas, containers or vehicles that may contain radioactive materials, from a distance ensuring worker safety from a extended length of 99″.



The RC2PLUS, Syclone and MSpec stores operator selected results in a histogram record, which can be downloaded via USB. Reports can be saved as PDF formats. Remote servicing, diagnostics, and software updates are possible via  network connection. Display is a back-lit LCD with selectable menus.


  • Energy Ranges are RC2PLUS – 30 KeV to 2.0 MeV, all others are 30 KeV to 3.0 MeV
  • Displayed units are CPS, Sv/h and R/h
  • Automatic and Settable Alarm levels
  • All systems except the Wand units store the results for later download
  • The Spectrometers use a NaI crystal, while the Detectors use a PVT/PMT system

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