Niton™ XL3t XRF Analyzer


The Niton XL3t Series of XRF analyzers are designed for specific industry applications, as noted below, and for any field environment or weather condition.
Niton XL3t with Si PIN Diode detector system, a 50kV x-ray tube with an elemental analysis range from S – U in the periodic table.
Niton XL3t-GOLDD with our standard silicon drift detector (SDD), a 50 kV x-ray tube with an elemental analysis range from Mg-U in the periodic table. This system enables the analysis of light elements of Mg, Al, Si for items such as Aluminium Alloys in the scrap recycling markets.
Niton XL3t-Ultra is ideal for specific applications where faster analysis and lower detection limits are needed. The Ultra provides great improvements in sensitivity and measurement times– as much as 10-times faster than conventional Si-PIN detectors, and up to 3-times more precise than conventional silicon drift detectors. Critical applications include oil and gas exploration, general geochemical, and PMI for residual elements.



Data entry is via a touch-screen keyboard, user-programmable pick lists and optional Bluetooth barcode reader and GPS devices . Outputs are via the tilting, colour, touch-screen display and via USB, Bluetooth devices such as printers, and RS-232 serial communications.


Available Calibration Modes include:

  • Lead Paint – Industrial
  • Lead Paint – Painted Products
  • Electronics
  • Coatings
  • Soils
  • Thin Film – Dust and Air
  • General Metals
  • Precious Metal Alloy
  • Plastics
  • Mining
  • REE – Mining
  • AutoCat

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